Lakers news: LeBron James named best player in the world by Sports Illustrated
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LeBron James named best player in the world by Sports Illustrated

LeBron James

Sports Illustrated has just confirmed what many believe to be true: that Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James is currently the best player in the entire league right now. In SI’s 2019 edition of its comprehensive players ranking, the King reigns supreme for the sixth consecutive year.

According to SI’s Ben Golliver and Rob Mahoney, who have written a very well-researched and all-encompassing piece, LeBron’s greatness goes far beyond the four corners of the basketball court.

“As James (27.5 PPG, 8.6 RPG, 9.1 APG) has waded into political and social justice issues, expanded his philanthropic endeavors, launched a budding entertainment empire, and positioned himself as one of the country’s most visible fathers, he’s taken to wearing and sharing a new motto: ‘More than an athlete.'”

Nonetheless, in the realm of basketball, James still remains to be the undisputed top dog in their watchful eyes.

“Make no mistake: James is more than an athlete, but he’s still the NBA’s most outstanding, most valuable and most awe-inspiring athlete… His immense basketball intelligence, extraordinary skill, unprecedented longevity as an elite player, and capacity for raising his game in the postseason and in late-game moments demand it.”

This is the sports magazines’ sixth edition of this list, and so far, James has gone six for six. However, with his recent move out West, the 33-year-old has entered uncharted waters.

LeBron will now spearhead a very promising, yet inexperienced core of young players into what the Lakers is hoping to be their next great era. For the first time in a very long time, James will be without an All-Star teammate (with the exception of 32-year-old Rajon Rondo who was last voted as an All-Star in 2013). It remains to be seen how this will impact LeBron’s career and his ranking for SI’s Top 100 2020 edition.