LeBron James has been everywhere since the Los Angeles Lakers got eliminated from the NBA Playoffs. He was out supporting his former team, the Cleveland Cavaliers. The King also continually still maintains his physique through exercise and a proper diet. However, there is one thing that he can get more involved in during the offseason, the endeavor of being a father. He has done it with Bronny James who is going through the NBA Draft process. Bryce James also got some love from him after his EYBL clash with Kiyan Anthony.

LeBron James at the EYBL

LeBron James' is always supportive of his sons. Just a few days ago, he observed how Bronny James was doing at the NBA Draft Combine. He headed all the way to Indiana such that he could support Bryce James in the EYBL as his squad battles it out with top players like Kiyan Anthony, Cayden Boozer, and Cameroon Boozer.

He loved seeing the young players learn how to inherit the game in the proper way. His pride in them even showed in an Instagram story, via Angelo Guinhawa of ClutchPoints.

The Lakers legend was full-on focused on seeing how Bryce James performs. He even took it a notch further and coached his son's EYBL team against Carmelo Anthony's child. This helps a lot in the development of the younger James' style of play as well as his in-game sense. Being helped out by the NBA's all-time leading scorer allows him to patch up the holes in his game at an earlier age to be a steady riser.

All of this paid dividends in the EYBL. A lot of NCAA scouts were in attendance to see how the Lakers legend's impact would be taken in by the young players. Bryce James did not disappoint in this matchup too. He sank two straight three-pointers to complement his teammate, Brayden Burries who ended the game with 40 points. Eventually, James triumphed over Kiyan Anthony in this extremely heated matchup with a 71 to 65 scoreline.

Lakers legend's son and his career so far

Bryce isn't too worried about following LeBron James and Bronny James' legacy immediately. He acknowledges that there is still a lot of space to grow and learn to play the game properly. But, that also does not mean that there are no flashes of greatness coming out of him at times.

At the EYBL, the Lakers legend saw his son produce insane numbers against Cameron and Cayden Boozer. The younger James notched 25 points while also using his length to grab five rebounds to round out the night. However, these efforts were not enough to earn his team a win.

There are still players who have shown more talent than James. Kiyan Anthony, for example, is averaging a little over 20 points in this series of games. Add that to the aforementioned Burries who scored 40 points and it makes for a competitive class of players.

It is fun to see how the Lakers legend is helping his sons out. Clearly, there is a long way to go but that does not mean that he should just leave his kids to fend for himself.