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Lakers star LeBron James reacts to Kawhi Leonard’s feared ACL injury

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Wednesday has been filled with breaking NBA news one after another. Perhaps the most notable was the injury to Los Angeles Clippers star Kawhi Leonard, who is feared to have an ACL injury. This puts a huge damper on the Clippers’ chances of making a run at a title, especially with them being in a tied series with the Utah Jazz and Game 5 scheduled for Wednesday night. Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James showed his respect and offered up his condolences for Leonard after the news of the injury surfaced.

Plain and simple, LeBron is all of us. Leonard remains one of the most enjoyable and likeable athletes in the NBA and was rounding this Clippers team into form before the devastating injury.

Now the attention shifts to Paul George, who has the tall task of putting the burden on his shoulders and finding a way to top the Jazz and head to the Western Conference Finals.

Leonard was just named to an All-NBA team and the Clippers won back-to-back games after going down 0-2 to the Jazz. Now, this injury happens.

Of course, LeBron and the Lakers are watching from home, and all everybody wants is the best players healthy for the playoff stretch.

Game 5 between the Clippers and Jazz is on Wednesday night.