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LeBron James’ smack talk cleared up by Marreese Speights in lengthy post

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Former NBA player Marreesse Speights cleared the air in the wake of his controversial remarks against Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James.

The 33-year-old slot-man, who currently plays for the Guangzhou-Long Lions in the Chinese Basketball Association, reiterated that he meant no disrespect to LeBron’s greatness and was just paying homage to all-time greats Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant.

He drew flack online after sharing this meme about James’ putrid 4-6 Finals record.

Mo addressed the issue with a lengthy column for Basketball News on Thursday.

“The reason I tweeted that is because it feels like the younger generation is disrespecting and forgetting the older players who paved the way, especially MJ. For me, being an NBA player and watching him as I was growing up, you can’t do that, bro. That’s disrespecting the game,” the 10-year NBA vet wrote.

Speights had the pleasure of taking on LeBron in the Finals when he played back-up forward for the Golden State Warriors. But as far as Speights is concerned, facing ‘Bron wasn’t as intimidating compared to sharing the floor against the late Kobe Bryant.

“LeBron is a beast; he’s the best athlete who ever played the game of basketball. But if we’re talking about mindset, Kobe Bryant was a killer, man. That’s a killer, just like MJ was a killer. They would intimidate their opponent and get in their head,” he furthered.

The one-time NBA champion saved his best for last, offering his take on the never-ending GOAT debate.

“LeBron puts in a lot of work and has had an excellent career, but MJ and Kobe are ahead of him, in my opinion. As of right now, my order is Michael Jordan at No. 1, Kobe Bryant at No. 2 and LeBron James at No. 3. That’s as of right now.”

LeBron James, meanwhile, has remained mum about his former adversary’s comments about him. Speights did make some valid points regarding the matter, but he just stoked the flames even more with his follow-up remarks.