Lakers news: LeBron James voices his support for Colin Kaepernick
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Lakers star LeBron James voices his support for Colin Kaepernick

LeBron James, Colin Kaepernick

On Friday, former quarterback Colin Kaepernick and the NFL announced that they had settled his joint collusion grievance. While no amount was disclosed, Kaepernick likely received a considerable financial settlement.

When asked about the situation during All-Star Game Media Day, Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James showed his support for Kaepernick.

Here’s what the Lakers’ top scorer had to say, courtesy of Ben Golliver of the Washington Post:

LeBron James expressed his respect for Kaepernick, noting the level of commitment it takes to sacrifice your livelihood for what you believe in.

Kaepernick was the San Francisco 49ers’ starting quarterback from 2012-16. In the 2016 season, he began kneeling during the national anthem prior to games. He explained that he was kneeling to protest the police brutality and systemic racism faced by African Americans.

His decision to kneel made national headlines and became an incredibly controversial subject. Many athletes supported Kaepernick, including prominent NFL, NBA and MLB players. But many, including President Donald Trump, criticized Kaepernick’s decision, considering it disrespectful to the anthem and the nation’s veterans.

In May of 2017, Kaepernick and the 49ers parted ways. He became a free agent, and while he was no longer a star player by any means, he was still a usable quarterback. However, he went unsigned. Kaepernick watched far worse players get picked up by teams while he sat and watched.

Some came to believe the league was colluding against Kaepernick, agreeing not to sign him to avoid the controversy that would come with doing so. He officially filed his grievance against the league in October of 2017.

Many athletes have come out to support Kaepernick after the news broke of his settlement.

As for LeBron, he and the Lakers will try to make a push for a playoff spot after the All-Star break.