The famed Los Angeles Lakers of the 1980s recently held a high-profile reunion that featured an on-the-court get-together by some of the most prominent figures in Lakers franchise history. Magic Johnson was, of course, at the very thick of the action and it is clear that he loved every second of his time together with his former teammates.

Magic also decided to take a hilarious jab at himself and his ex-teammates as he poked fun at the fact that they are all now a bit older than they were when they terrorized the league with their dazzling style of play. Well, it's been around 30 years, so it's not surprising that these guys are no longer as agile as they were several decades ago:

“Had a ‘walk around' for the Showtime Reunion today! 😂 we had so much fun running plays and reliving our practice days!” Magic wrote in his tweet. 

Instead of going on a full shootaround, Magic Johnson said that what they produced felt more like a “walk around.” The Hall of Famer also shared a handful of videos, and while it's true that they're a far cry from the Showtime Lakers of old, there's also no denying that it's still quite an amazing sight to behold:

That's awesome. Fans who are old enough to have witnessed the Showtime Lakers in their prime would have gotten quite a treat seeing these clips. It brings back memories of one of, if not the most historic period in Lakers franchise history — one that brought home no less than five championships to LA.