Lakers news: Magic Johnson roasts LaVar Ball on Jimmy Kimmel Live!
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Magic Johnson roasts LaVar Ball on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

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Poor LaVar Ball. Wherever he goes, he’s being ridiculed. He’s got only himself to blame, though. If it weren’t for his hyperboles and loud mouth, he would not have become a sitting duck for folks looking to have fun at his expense. Look, even Los Angeles Lakers president of basketball operations Magic Johnson is taking shots at him.

Johnson was a guest in a recent episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live! and partly talked about the process of how the Lakers managed to snag LeBron James off of the free agent market. Johnson did not waste the opportunity to mock LaVar Ball, father of Lakers point guard Lonzo Ball, in front of the live audience.

When he was asked by Kimmel whether he dialed Ball’s number before signing James, Johnson immediately responded by saying “I would’ve called you first before I called LaVar Ball. Trust me.” Hilarious stuff from the all-time great.

With James in tow, the Lakers are poised to improve on their 35-47 record last season and make it to the postseason for the first time since 2013. James has been to the finals in each of the last eight years, and while the challenge to get there for the ninth time in a row is conceivably harder in the Western Conference, just about anything can happen for a team with a player like the four-time MVP in its fold.