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Matt Barnes wants Kobe Bryant to come out of retirement, play with LeBron James

Kobe Bryant, Lakers, Matt Barnes

LeBron James has decided to take his talents to the Western Conference for the first time in his storied NBA career. The three-time NBA champion will suit up for the Los Angeles Lakers prompting questions from some about whether Kobe Bryant should come out of retirement to join him.

TMZ Sports recently caught up with former Laker and Los Angeles native, Matt Barnes, and asked him if his former teammate should play alongside LeBron in purple and gold. Barnes is all for the superstar pairing in L.A. saying the following about the prospect of it actually happening.

“I think that would be dope,” Barnes said. “I don’t know if it’ll happen. That’d be dope, though.”

Barnes was also asked if a Kobe and LeBron-led Lakers team could take down the mighty Golden State Warriors who are coming off back-to-back championships while also landing DeMarcus Cousins in NBA free agency this summer.

“I don’t know, man,” Barnes said. “The Warriors are tough. It would be a tough call. Have to see. I don’t think it would happen, but it would be dope, though.”

The UCLA product believes it would be a major stretch for Bryant to come out of retirement after walking away two years ago. Kobe, by all accounts, has no intentions of returning to the NBA. The future Hall of Famer is enjoying his post-playing career and is content embarking on his new journey with all his off-the-court projects.

With Kobe wearing purple and gold being nothing more than a pipedream, the Lakers brass will continue to try to surround James with talent in what could be the final four years of his career. San Antonio Spurs superstar Kawhi Leonard still appears to be the player the team is targeting to play alongside LeBron, but it remains to be seen if a blockbuster trade gets down between the two iconic franchises.