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Michael Rapaport thinks LaVar Ball being soft made Lakers’ Lonzo Ball turn out the same

Michael Rapoport, Lonzo Ball, LaVar Ball

Micahel Rapaport fashions himself as a basketball expert, and the NBA world seems happy to continue the ruse. The boisterous entertainer is a frequent guest on sports talk shows and podcasts, and the NBA even made him an official part of the All-Star Weekend in New York City in 2015. Does Rapaport actually know anything about the game? To many, that’s still unclear at this point. But even Rapaport’s detractors have to admit that his take on another loudmouth basketball personality has some measure of merit.

During an appearance on Fox Sports’ “The Odd Couple with Chris Broussard & Rob Parker,” he took an unbridled shot at LaVar Ball, insisting his son, Los Angeles Lakers point guard Lonzo Ball, gets his perceived timidity from his father.

“Lavar Ball is soft, and that’s why I think his son is soft,” Rapaport said. “You’re either tough-minded, or you’re not. You can’t teach that. No coach can take that from you, especially not this quick.”

Lavar Ball warrants no defense here. He’s a brilliant promoter for his children, but that’s where his relevance to the NBA should end. Days of the older Ball having any voice whatsoever within the Lakers’ organization, thankfully, ended when LeBron James signed with the purple and gold this summer.

It’s unclear what Rapaport is getting at here other than taking a shot at Lavar, though. Lonzo Ball has his faults as a player, but a lack of toughness, intensity, or whatever you want to call it is very low on the list of them, especially considering his commitment on the defensive side of the ball. Maybe Rapaport should criticize his free-throw shooting or utter lack of floater game instead?