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NBA Twitter is going bonkers over bald LeBron James

LeBron James bald Lakers

LeBron James has officially done it. After years and years of jokes about his receding hairline, the Los Angeles Lakers star has finally accepted his fate as a balding man, like the millions of 40-ish males out there.

Check out King James looking ecstatic showing off his clean shaven head:

Some, including former NBA veteran Evan Turner, reacted in disbelief that LeBron James actually decided to let go of the locks up top. Others remain completely wary given that a bald LeBron has been teased in the past, only for its supporters to be left unfulfilled once the season starts.

The overwhelming majority of reactions predict that this is exactly the move the Lakers needed their superstar to make. Forget offseason workouts and pick-up games where NBA stars drop 40 on plumbers and low-level professionals. Nothing signals a monster season quite like channeling your inner Michael Jordan with a clean noggin.

While an MVP and another ring to add to the Lakers’ tally are supposedly in the cards for him now, some other fans believe that bald LeBron James can bring an even greater impact for all the bald men out there. King James rocking the bald look would no doubt help all the bald kings out there.

Others are now declaring LeBron James the true goat for going bald, as if his hairless hairdo was the final cherry needed on top of the legendary sundae that has been his career.

There’s still about a month before the season starts. But as things stand, we’re about to get a bald LeBron James in-season sighting.