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Russell Westbrook’s hilarious diss at Lakers-Clippers rivalry

Russell Westbrook Lakers Clippers

Russell Westbrook is a homegrown California kid now playing for the Los Angeles Lakers. But despite watching his current team as a kid growing up, he admitted he wasn’t too concerned with their rivalry against the Clippers.

The Lakers guard was asked about the Lakers-Clippers matchup ahead of their own clash on Friday night, which resulted in a 119-115 loss. According to Russ, his grades owned much more real estate in his mind than the two teams sharing the same geographical location.

Via Silver Screen and Roll’s Harrison Faigen:

“No, I didn’t view anything as a rivalry. I was viewing my grades as my rivalry,” Westbrook deadpanned with a laugh.

When a reporter followed-up, asking if that meant that he had a rivalry with math, Westbrook clarified that he was just fine at that subject, which makes sense given his astounding ability to rack up counting stats. It was another class that was his personal rival.

“Math? Nah, I killed math. It was me vs. biology, chemistry, that’s what I was worried about. I wasn’t worried about no Lakers or no Clippers, to be honest,” Westbrook said.

In all fairness to Russ, there hasn’t really been much of a rivalry to even speak of until the past couple of seasons. Throughout the past two decades, the Lakers have dominated their matchup in terms of postseason success.

And during the years where the Clippers had some pretty good teams, such as the Elton Brand-led 2006 squad and the peak years of the Chris Paul-Blake Griffin Lob City era, it was the purple and gold that weren’t doing so hot.

But for at least one night, the Clippers got the better of the Lakers. With both squads stacked with superstar talent for the foreseeable future, the Los Angeles rivalry may have its best clashes yet to come.