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Lakers icon Shaq goes full Santa Clause in August with epic gesture for random kid


Shaquille O’Neal is not only one of the most dominant big men to have ever picked up a basketball; the Hall of Famer also happens to be one of the wealthiest NBA personalities in the country today. For his part, Shaq is just making sure to share all his blessings with anyone and everyone he encounters.

The Los Angeles Lakers icon recently went full Santa Clause by surprising a random kid with a brand-new bike. The kid’s reaction was absolutely priceless. You can see the video clip here (h/t Bleacher Report).

“Whenever I’m going to a store from now on, I’m buying somebody else something. Period,” Shaq said. “Everyday I leave the house I gotta bless somebody. I can’t keep all this.

“I love going to stores, looking at moms with their kids because it takes me back. That was me.”

Don’t let the video production fool you; this is no publicity stunt for the four-time NBA champ. This is far from the first time Shaq surprised random folks by buying something for them in a store. At one point, O’Neal even bought a guy an engagement ring in a jewelry store.

Shaq may have been one of the meanest big men in the league during his day, but there’s no denying that this man possesses a heart of gold. He’s just one of the most genuinely kind-hearted individuals you’ll ever meet. Not that I’ve had the honor of having a face-to-face with the NBA icon, though, but based on what we’ve all heard about this man, I’m pretty sure this is a fact.