Lakers news: Shaquille O'Neal shocked Lonzo Ball shoots worse than him from the FT line
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Lakers legend Shaquille O’Neal shocked Lonzo Ball shoots worse than him from the FT line

Shaquille O'Neal, Lonzo Ball, Lakers

NBA analyst and former superstar Shaquille O’Neal recently spoke to Dan Patrick about all the trade chatter surrounding the Los Angeles Lakers, and during their discussion, the four-time NBA champion was surprised to know that Lonzo Ball shooting worse than him from the free throw line.

The Lakers are in the middle of trade talks with the New Orleans Pelicans as they hope to acquire superstar Anthony Davis before the trade deadline. One of the assets the Purple and Gold are offering the Pels is sophomore point guard Lonzo Ball, who obviously has been struggling this season, despite showing flashes of being a great point guard.

Shaquille O’Neal was asked by Dan Patrick if anybody wants Ball, and when it was revealed that the second-year point guard was averaging below 50 percent from the charity stripe, Shaq couldn’t hide his surprise, per Jacob Rude of Lonzo Wire.

Dan Patrick: Does anybody want Lonzo Ball?

Shaquille O’Neal: I don’t know

DP: I can’t have a point guard who shoots 41 percent from the line.

SO: What line?

DP: The free throw line

SO: Damn, he’s worse than me. Geez. Seriously?

DP: We found someone who shoots worse than you.

In his 17-year career, Shaq has proven himself to be one of the most dominant centers in the history of the NBA. However, one of the major flaws in his game is his ability to shoot free throws. He’s a career 52 percent from the charity stripe.

Meanwhile, Ball has only played two seasons in the league. The sophomore guard just turned 21 last year and is still trying to adjust in the professional league. While it is true that he has struggled to shoot the ball in general, there’s still plenty of time for him to improve.

Ball can be a great point guard if he puts his mind into it. With his future with the Lakers in doubt, it’s time for him to start putting more effort on both ends of the floor.