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Skip Bayless makes bold claim about Russell Westbrook’s true role with Lakers

Skip Bayless, Russell Westbrook, Manu Ginobili, Lakers

We’re barely a week into NBA action, and we’re already getting some hot takes from analysts. Exhibit A: this tirade by Skip Bayless about Los Angeles Lakers point guard Russell Westbrook about what his role with the team should be.

In an earlier episode of Undisputed, the infamous analyst declared that Westbrook should come off of the bench for the Lakers, as it will benefit them the most.

“Russ will not work and I feel sorry for everyone involved. Russell Westbrook needs to be Manu Ginobili but he will not accept being 6th Man of the Year. He could win 6th Man if he wanted to. That’s the best fit [for the Lakers].”

Yeesh, Skip coming in hot with another spicy take. It’s not a completely out-of-left-field take, though. Ever since the Lakers acquired Westbrook from the Washington Wizards, fans have been wondering how will the former MVP mesh with LeBron James and Anthony Davis. Concerns about spacing and who runs the offense have been validated to a certain extent, as Westbrook and the Lakers have failed to win a single game since the pre-season.

Yes, Russell Westbrook would arguably be the greatest Sixth Man of The Year if he chose to do that for the Lakers. But demoting Westbrook to the bench full-time is a drama disaster waiting to happen. There are other ways of splitting time between LeBron and Russ that don’t involve removing the latter from the starting lineup.

Lakers head coach Frank Vogel already is working on how to integrate Westbrook to the lineup, as he took responsibility for Westbrook’s rough start. Both LeBron and AD also have spoken in support of Westbrook. It’s just a matter of getting more practice together for this team to gel. And when they do connect with each other… it’s going to be dangerous for the league.