ESPN's Stephen A. Smith shared a brutally honest take on Los Angeles Lakers star Anthony Davis. Smith acknowledged that Russell Westbrook has been struggling. However, he made it clear that Davis should receive more attention in reference to his shortcomings as well, per First Take on Twitter.

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“I came on the air and talked about how Anthony Davis was a top-seven player. I take it back,” Smith said. “Da*n it, he don't look like it. He don't look like he wants to go anywhere near the basket. And my point is, yo bro, you're too big, you're too skilled, you're too talented.”

Smith then posed a Davis question that Lakers fans have likely been asking themselves: “What has happened to Anthony Davis?”

Neither Russell Westbrook nor Anthony Davis are playing well. But even casual sports fans are aware of the heat that Westbrook has faced as of late. Smith believes its time for Davis to face heat as well.

“Yes Russell Westbrook can't shoot, but that's about it,” Smith added. “We need to be talking less about Russell Westbrook and more about Anthony Davis.”

The Lakers are fresh off of an extremely disappointing 2021-22 campaign. They were aiming for better results this season, but are off to an 0-3 start.

Anthony Davis is averaging just south of 25 points per game. However, he's shooting a lackluster 20 percent from 3-point range. Smith simply believes Davis is capable of more than he's shown.

Davis, Westbrook, and the Lakers will look to turn things around as soon as possible.