LeBron James broke Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's record and he did it in style. The Los Angeles Lakers star hit a fadeaway jumper late in the third quarter against the Oklahoma City Thunder that gave him 38,388 points for his career with time to spare. The moment was a big one for the NBA world, which had his peers such as Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant giving him props.

Stephen Curry gave King James a “legendary” shoutout for breaching the 38,388 mark needed to break Kareem's record.


A few of LeBron's former teammates in Kevin Love, Larry Nance Jr., Matthew Dellavedova, and Dwight Howard gave the Lakers star his flowers.

NBA royalty was active on Twitter as nearly every All-Star dedicated a message or gave a reaction to LeBron James making NBA history.


LeBron James has definitively been the face of a generation of NBA players that have spanned two decades of basketball history. His record-setting achievement is a testament to his greatness. The reactions he's getting from his peers shows just how much respect he's garnered with his longevity and success as the face of the league.

The Lakers still have an uphill battle to climb if they want to make a legitimate postseason run in LeBron James' 20th NBA season. But regardless of how this season plays out, LeBron has cemented his legacy with a record that could very well stand the test of time.

The only question that remains is whether James is considered the GOAT, a title long held by one Michael Jordan.