Lakers news: Troy Daniels believes he’s a ‘perfect fit’ with LAL
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Troy Daniels believes he’s a ‘perfect fit’ with Lakers

Troy Daniels, Lakers

LeBron James has typically excelled on teams where he has been surrounded by shooters, so naturally, new Los Angeles Lakers shooting guard Troy Daniels feels like he is well-suited to playing alongside The King.

Daniels told Alex Kennedy of HoopsHype that he expects to get a lot of open jumpers with how much attention opponents will give to James and fello All-Star teammate Anthony Davis.

“To be honest, I think it’s a perfect fit,” Daniels said. “LeBron James and Anthony Davis command a lot of attention and a ton of double-teams. When those guys have the ball, defenders watch the ball. You want to have shooters surrounding LeBron and AD, whether it’s me or Danny Green or the other guys. If I’m open, I feel like nine times out of 10, it’s going to go in. The ones that I miss are the harder, contested shots. But if I’m wide open – and I probably will get a lot of wide-open shots – it’s probably going to go in.

“Having LeBron and AD definitely helps me. And playing with shooters will help LeBron and AD and the other players because the [improved spacing] lets them get through the lane and do what they do best.”

The journeyman Daniels is shooting 40 percent from the 3-point line for his career. That’s good news for a Laker team that lacked shooting last year and struggled to find suitable role players like Daniels off the bench.