Kevin Durant dropped a bombshell on the league after officially requesting a trade from the Brooklyn Nets. The league is in total chaos right now as multiple teams have been reported showing interest in trading for the superstar small forward. However, due to Durant's trade request, rumors are swirling that the Los Angeles Lakers are back in the mix for Kyrie Irving.

According to Bleacher Report, it sounds like LA could be seeking to finalize a trade with the Nets to acquire Irving. The idea of him reuniting with LeBron James is enticing, as the two of them won a championship together during their time with the Cleveland Cavaliers. Kyrie Irving would be a great addition for the Lakers, but this only becomes a possible reality after Kevin Durant's trade request.

We'll see how it all plays out as there are a ton of moving pieces at play right now. The league is at a standstill as nearly every team is waiting to see where Kevin Durant is traded to. For the Lakers, the front office should be on the phones right now attempting to finalize a deal to acquire Kyrie Irving. This of course is speculation for now, but the rumblings are loud in the NBA rumor mill.

Look for some big moves to come to fruition soon. The Nets are on the verge of making some earth-shattering trades and the Lakers might get lucky and land a superstar point guard who has won a championship with LeBron James. Make sure to have your notifications turned on, as potential Woj-Bomb is brewing.