Lakers rumors: Members of LeBron James' circle see Brandon Ingram playing Scottie Pippen role
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Members of LeBron James’ circle see Brandon Ingram playing Scottie Pippen role

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While some Los Angeles Lakers fans have criticized the plethora of one-year signings that have come after LeBron James agreed to join on a four-year, $154 million deal — there is hope that the young Lakers core could be enough to make James’ stay more comfortable than his last season with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Some among LeBron James’ inner circle think a player like Brandon Ingram could become James’ Scottie Pippen, handling the ball and taking some of James’ playmaking duties to ease his responsibilities on the court.

H/T Harrison Faigen of Silver Screen & Roll:

”Talking to some people close to LeBron, they think Brandon Ingram can play like a Scottie Pippen role,” said Chris Broussard on Fox Sports 1’s First Things First. “Now that might seem crazy to some people that see him as a forward, but a lot of times the Lakers have felt like he could play point guard, and he did in the last few months of the season.”

Ingram has made some strides with his ability to create plays, but to say he’d fall into a Pippen-like role is far fetched in every surface level. Not only is he not the defender Pippen was (even in his earliest days), but he still lacks the body to bully opponents into favorable spots on the court to facilitate the way he could with a bigger frame.

Besides, the Duke standout’s improvement at the 3-point line is merely the result of 82 fewer attempts from deep this past season — making him still a longshot to garner that role unless he improves overnight with the help of James.