Lakers rumors: NBA insiders believe Paul George still signs with Los Angeles
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NBA insiders believe Paul George still signs with the Lakers

Paul George

Rumors continue to swirl about what the future holds for the soon-to-be free agent, Paul George. Although George was traded to the Oklahoma City Thunder to join forces with Carmelo Anthony and Russell Westbrook with the team starting to show signs of life, it appears no one is convinced he’s staying there long-term. The Los Angeles Lakers still seem to be his predicted destination of choice once he hits NBA free agency.

Recently on The HoopsHype Podcast with Alex Kennedy, George’s future was a topic of discussion between Kennedy and Michael Scotto of Basketball Insiders. Both of them believe that George is still headed for the Lakers once given the chance in free agency, transcription via HoopsHype.

Alex Kennedy: Paul George: Do you think it’s the Lakers or do you think he stays in OKC?

Michael Scotto: Right now, I think PG goes to the Lakers.

Alex Kennedy: I agree. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire. We’ve been hearing about that one for a long time.

Michael Scotto: You heard it with Gordon Hayward. Look how that turned out. Anytime you can go home, or close to it, that’s always an enticing factor that outweighs other things on the court.

With a lot of basketball left to be played in the 2017-18 NBA season, anything can happen that could change George’s mind on where he wants to spend the prime of his career in the league. The perennial All-Star will have no shortage of suitors, including the Lakers, but it remains to be seen whether he decides to head to Los Angeles.

The real question heading toward the NBA trade deadline is whether the Thunder trade to move him before he can leave the team with nothing in return. All signs continue to point to Los Angeles and his inevitable departure making Oklahoma City’s situation a hot topic of discussion with the deadline only a few weeks away.

Ironically enough, the Thunder will play the Lakers at the Staples Center on the day of the trade deadline on Feb. 8. It’ll be interesting to see which locker room George will be coming out of that day in Los Angeles or if he’s playing for neither one of the teams at that point.