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Paul George has no regrets about Lakers coming up as trade destination while with Pacers

Paul George

Since being traded to the Oklahoma City Thunder, All-Star forward Paul George has been quite vocal about the Los Angeles Lakers.

Prior to Wednesday’s game against the Lakers, George once again openly discussed the team pursuing him while he was still with the Indiana Pacers, according to Erik Horne of the Oklahoman.

“No. I have no regrets at all. All that was said is a destination that I’d love to go to. There wasn’t gun pointed to the head send me here. I just stated somewhere I would like to go play. If you asked 80 to 70 percent of the guys in the league if they would love to go back home and play for their home city that’s all I stated. I just would’ve loved to go home to play for my city. So no regrets at all. I thought this trade was win-win for both sides. I’m just happy to move on.

These comments from George will only further fuel the flame that he still has a strong desire to play for the Lakers next season. It is clear that he has some significant interest in playing for his hometown team if the opportunity presents itself.

It is no secret that the Lakers have lined up their salary cap situation to bring in a couple of the top free agents next summer. George’s name has consistently been brought up as one of their potential primary targets.

With a meeting against the Lakers at Staples Center on tap for Wednesday, it will set the stage for a welcoming environment toward George to further appease him. This should all make for an interesting evening.