Lakers rumors: Pacers owner may sue NBA Los Angeles tampering case
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Lakers rumors: Pacers owner Herb Simon may sue NBA and Los Angeles over tampering case

Herb Simon

The Los Angeles Lakers were recently handed down a $500,000 fine by the NBA for their involvement in the tampering case concerning All-Star forward Paul George.

However, it appears that Indiana Pacers Herb Simon isn’t satisfied with the outcome as Peter Vecsey of Patreon is reporting that he may take legal action against the Lakers and the NBA.

Still, just because Adam Silver feels his punishment fits the crime, it doesn’t mean Herb Simon will accept it. A confidant of the Pacers’ long-time owner, says he plans to raise a stink at the league’s next Board of Governors meeting. “He’s so fed up, don’t be shocked if he sues the league and the Lakers for damages.”

This is likely a shared feeling beyond just Simon as several other small market teams had voiced their support for the Pacers for pursuing tampering charges against Los Angeles. However, the outcome being just the largest tampering fine in league history was not enough in their eyes as it still allows for the Lakers to acquire George in the future be it through free agency or a trade.

It was just essentially a big financial hit to the Lakers that shouldn’t have much impact on the team’s future plans. The goal all along has been to have enough salary cap space to sign two max contract players and this doesn’t deter them being able to bring in George as one of those star players.

If Herb Simon and the Pacers were to choose to go this route, things could get quite interesting as it will set a precedent for the NBA concerning this type of situation moving forward.