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Spurs’ Kawhi Leonard reached out to Cavs’ LeBron James about playing together

Kawhi Leonard, LeBron James

Kawhi Leonard playing with LeBron James is not a scenario many in NBA circles thought they would ever witness. But according to Jordan Schultz of Yahoo Sports, Leonard reached out to James to discuss his desire for this exact scenario. The source told Schultz that Leonard highlighted his own defensive prowess as a way to take some off the pressure off of LeBron’s shoulders.

The two would make an ideal pairing given their skill sets. James would be able to play a more flexible and roaming style of defense while Kawhi took on the opposing team’s greatest offensive threat. James has been the centerpiece of the defense on nearly every team he’s ever played on, so being able to take on a secondary role would go a long way towards providing some relief.

Leonard and James’ possible synergy would not be isolated to the defensive end of the court. As Schultz points out, Leonard and Kevin Durant have remarkably similar catch-and-shoot numbers, qualifying Leonard as a perfect match for LeBron offensively. With his ability to knock down catch-and-shoot jumpers, James would be able to facilitate the offense with a proven and consistent shooter at his side.

James would be able to play well within his comfort zone. He would be the ball-dominant superstar that would facilitate on offense, while Leonard would play the role of suffocating defender.

Leonard and James would certainly be able to co-exist because while Leonard can be successful in a ball-dominant role, he doesn’t need the ball in his hands like some of LeBron’s past superstar teammates.

Both LeBron and Kawhi have also been two of Golden State’s greatest foes. By joining forces they would surely pose a significant threat to the Warriors’ dynasty. The Lakers seem to be the only likely scenario where the two could collaborate. Now it’s up to the Lakers to try and seal the deal for Kawhi, and hope that LeBron follows his fellow superstar to Hollywood.