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RUMOR: The reason Lakers star Anthony Davis was ‘frustrated’ with Dennis Schroder after losing Rajon Rondo

Anthony Davis, Rajon Rondo, Dennis Schroder, Lakers

It’s common knowledge that Dennis Schroder’s time with the Los Angeles Lakers didn’t go as planned. He struggled to really make an impact in their backcourt and was basically non-existent in the playoffs. While he made the foolish decision of turning down an $84 million deal from the team, he ultimately settled for a one-year, $5.9 million contract with the Boston Celtics this summer. As far as Anthony Davis is concerned though, he’s happy that Schroder is gone and Rajon Rondo is back.

AD was one of the players who didn’t exactly benefit from the German running the point for the Lakers. Via Eric Pincus of Bleacher Report:

Per an NBA source familiar with some of the Lakers’ struggles through the 2020-21 campaign, Davis felt some frustration that he wasn’t getting the kind of looks in the post with Dennis Schroder running the point compared to those he received with Rondo a year earlier.

Davis had an injury-riddled campaign, but he clearly didn’t like playing alongside Schroder. The former Oklahoma City Thunder standout registered 5.8 assists per game in 2020-21, but he rarely linked up with AD on lobs, which is something Rondo did more frequently.

Now, Davis has two pass-first guards on the Lakers. Rondo has already enjoyed success with the big man and Russell Westbrook is also very unselfish, averaging over 11 dimes per night last season. Kendrick Nunn is another addition who is capable of being a decent playmaker.

Anthony Davis, LeBron James, and the Lakers will be looking to stay healthy as they chase a title after a tremendous offseason. The pieces are in place and AD will be poised to dominate with his favorite guard dishing passes in the post.