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Video: Bronny James yells ‘Steph’ after hitting shot from bench

Bronny James

Bronny James, son of Los Angeles Lakers forward LeBron James, yelled ‘Steph’ after hitting a 3-point shot from the bench while sitting down.

Peep the clip posted by ballislife.com. Apart from yelling ‘Steph,’ he also did the Golden State Warriors star’s signature chest pump and pointed upwards to the sky.

How would his dad feel after seeing this? After all, James and Curry have built a rivalry over the last few years given the number of NBA Finals they’ve dueled in. Curry and the Warriors have won the most but James and the Cavaliers did still come back from a 3-1 deficit.

However, you really can’t blame Bronny. Curry’s shooting prowess has influenced young kinds all over the world. Every kid who loves basketball has once, in his or her young life, has thrown up a seemingly impossible shot with hopes of swishing the net — just like Curry himself.

That’s just how Curry has changed the game. It’s not just players who have added the 3-point arsenal to their game. Kids like Bronny, too, are looking to work on their shooting stroke early on.

Give or take a few years when these kids make it to the NBA, we may see how the generation heavily influenced by Curry will change the game of basketball.