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Video: Lakers player ejected from Summer League game for ripping Knicks’ Mitchell Robinson’s headband off and tossing it at him

Knicks, Mitchell Robinson, Lakers, Nick Perkins

Summer League is the time for rookies, undrafted players, and G-League members to show that they belong on an NBA roster. This means that these young players are usually going at each other with everything they have, which can translate to some testy encounters. On Wednesday, audiences got to see one of these encounters when Los Angeles Lakers forward Nick Perkins lost his cool.

The Lakers rookie reached over New York Knicks center Mitchell Robinson’s back as he grabbed a rebound and ripped is headband off. He then proceeded to throw it at the big man, earning Perkins a quick ejection.

While it’s nice to see emotion out of guys who are fighting for a chance to play basketball for a livelihood, this is obviously taking things too far. In reality, it will hurt Perkins chances of making the roster.

This is unfortunate for the former University of Buffalo player. Before the on-court meltdown, Perkins had actually put together some impressive Summer League play. In a game against the Sacramento Kings, Perkins recorded 20 points on eight of 13 shooting. He also had seven points and two boards against the Golden State Warriors, and six points and six rebounds against the Miami Heat.

Perkins will need to put this breakdown in his past and move on from the embarrassing occurrence. With some more maturity and experience, he has the potential to see some NBA minutes.