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WATCH: LeBron James gets recorded by his wife dancing-a-fool at home

LeBron James

The internet recently saw the lost tape of the track that LeBron James and Kevin Durant recorded back during the lockout of 2011, giving us a decent glimpse of The King’s less-favorable gifts. This time around, the Los Angeles Laker’s own wife Savannah caught him dancing in the house, filming the entire thing as an unsuspecting James went off with the dance moves.

Ummm, this is awkward…

Fortunately James won’t be asked to rap or dance all that often during the NBA season, as these moves leave a lot to be desired.

While other players like Damian Lillard and Lou Williams have a gift for rapping, while John Wall and Shaquille O’Neal have it for dancing, it looks like James talents just tap out at playing ball. After all, wouldn’t it be unfair if he was just that good at everything?

James recently topped Sports Illustrated’s Top 100 NBA players list, once again being recognized as the very best player in the world. Even at 33 years old, the one-man freight train is still as dominant as ever, stretching his prime into his mid-30s with relative ease.

We’ll dance to that.