Last Dance news: Michael Jordan-Reggie Miller brawl, per BJ Armstrong
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Breaking up Michael Jordan-Reggie Miller brawl in hindsight, jokes BJ Armstrong


The Michael Jordan versus Reggie Miller scuffle back in 1993 was one of the most interesting dynamics seen in the recently concluded ESPN 10-part docu-series “The Last Dance”.

Former Chicago Bulls point guard BJ Armstrong, who was in the thick of things when the altercation occurred, recalled the exact moment he tried to separate the two fiery competitors from one another.

In the latest installment of the Pushin’ Thru podcast on Thursday, Armstrong was asked by co-host Tate Frazier if holding back Miller was the right thing to do at the time.

“I get what you’re saying, right? [laughs] But if you go back to that moment, it was understood that there was going to be some type of physical altercation. And what you want to do is make sure your guy never got hurt,” the three-time NBA champion explained.

That brawl sparked an intense rivalry between two of the best shooting guards in the Eastern Conference at the time. It carried on in 1998 when Miller’s Indiana Pacers pushed the Bulls to the brink in the Eastern Conference Finals.

As seen in The Last Dance, Michael Jordan also had an interesting reaction when he re-watched the clip of his physical altercation with Miller.

“Don’t hold back. Let him go,” His Airness said while reviewing the incident.

BJ Armstrong, of course, was one of Jordan’s closest teammates within the team and it’s clear he was only looking out for his best interest. However, it’s quite unusual for someone to grab an opposing player during a brawl instead of trying to pacify his own teammate.

Years have gone by since then but Miller has admitted to still having a testy relationship with Jordan. For sure, that brawl could have been a lot worse. Good thing Armstrong was at the right place at the right time.