As tentpole video games continue to attract big name talent from Hollywood to appear in them, more doors open for these actors to turn around and appear in live action adaptations of those very games. Jeffrey Wright is the latest name to make this jump as he is set to bring his character from The Last of Us Part 2 to the second season of HBO's hit adaptation.

Season two of HBO's The Last of Us is shaping up to tackle the events of the second game, with key characters including Abby, Jesse, and Dina all set to make their live action debuts portrayed by Kaitlyn Dever, Young Mazino, and Isabela Merced, respectively. Wright, who voiced the character of Isaac Dixon for The Last of Us Part 2, is now set to reprise the role for the second season, according to Variety.

Wright's inclusion in season two makes him the second actor to bring their character from the game to live action after Merle Dandridge, who portrayed Fireflies leader Marlene in the first game and season one of the HBO series.

Troy Baker and Jeffrey Pierce, who served as Joel and Tommy in the games, appeared in season one, as well, in smaller supporting roles. Pedro Pascal and Gabriel Lune took over as Joel and Tommy, respectively, for the HBO adapatation.

Join the WLF

In The Last of Us Part 2, Isaac Dixon served as the leader of the Washington Liberation Front, a paramilitary force operating in the Pacific Northwest and one of the factions vying for control of Seattle. He originally helped the lead the group in overthrowing FEDRA control of the quarantine zone, though this only led to the WLF inheriting the issues FEDRA forces were already struggling with including getting supplies into the zone despite the strong infected presence on most supply routes.

The situation only became more complicated when war broke out between the WLF and the fanatical Seraphites, which would see momentum shift back-and-forth repeatedly between the two groups.

Abby would become one of the best soldiers under Dixon's command, helping the WLF stem Seraphite efforts repeatedly before and after her journey to Jackson, Wyoming, in search of Joel Miller.

Wright's Recent Wins

Wright's inclusion in season two also continues the actor's veritable hot streak in recent years, with him landing major supporting roles in tentpole releases or leading smaller, critically acclaimed fare. The last two years highlight this best with Wright's turns in films such as The Batman and American Fiction.

The stage and screen veteran was the latest to take on the role of Gotham PD's Jim Gordon for 2022's The Batman, serving as the titular hero's closest ally in the police. He is expected to return for The Batman Part 2 while fans speculate Wright could lead a planned Gotham PD spin-off series reportedly in development.

American Fiction, by contrast, was considered by most critics and film outlets to be one of the best films of 2023, with particular praise heaped on Wright for his turn as Dr. Thelonious “Monk” Ellison. He would earn his first Academy Award nomination ever under Best Actor, though the award would ultimately go to Cillian Murphy for his portrayal of J. Robert Oppenheimer in Oppenheimer.

The Last of Us season two is scheduled to premiere on HBO in 2025.