Riot just released a new League of Legends champion in Zeri earlier this month, but players can already look forward to another one soon to arrive in the game. This time around, fans are highly anticipating the reveal of a new support champion in Season 12. In fact, League of Legends developers have teased this new character as far back as September 2021, when they unveiled the champion roadmap. Now another piece to the puzzle has come to light, with the launch of a new website for fictional company Glasc Industries. Here's all the details we can glean about the upcoming support champion based on the Glasc teaser.

A chemtech innovator for the new support

The champions roadmap teased the new support as one who believed that “All can be bought when you have enough cash.” Now, the Glasc Industries website showcases the champion as a visionary innovator. Based on the lore so far, this further suggests that League of Legends has fully switched its champion development approach to build off the Runeterra universe that follows the smashing success of Netflix series Arcane, rather than the Ruination storyline we saw in Season 11.

While we already have Hextech-related champions like Viktor and Jayce, this new enchanter support appears more closely aligned with the infamous Chemtech. All this, despite the Chemtech dragon driving quite the rift among League of Legends players.

According to the website's About page, an alchemist named Renata Glasc founded the Zaun-based company with the vision to make chemtech “affordable, beautiful, and accessible for all.” Moreover, her personal mission involves “redefining beauty through state-of-the-art technology”, spearheading “visionary work” that has made waves in “civil development, tech, and philantrophy.”

As such, Glasc Industries suggets a very tech-empowered, futuristic-looking backstory for the new champion that involves crafting a better future for society—much in line with the dystopian nature of Zaun in Arcane. The purple, potion or perfume imagery also complements the chemtech or alchemy focus. Plus, it also matches the teaser that Riot dropped in early January about the planned champion releases in Season 12. The video had shown a hand reaching out to a metallic, robot-like part with purple smoke emanating.

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Glasc Industries products hint at champion spells

Besides the backstory, the Glasc Industries website also comes complete with product pages, which may offer further hints about the new League of Legends champion. The plethora of products on offer either belong to the Luxury Line or the Diffusion Line. Glasc Industries' innovators have put their heads together to develop a mix of filtration masks, replacement limbs, and medical solutions based on alchemy for the Diffusion Line.

Meanwhile, for the Luxury Line, beautiful designs meld with innovative impact. These come in the form of fragrances (the purple smoke and elegant-looking bottle), self-defense tools, as well as augmented body parts. The latter may also be related to the hand image teaser, since that showed some purple flowing underneath what looked like gold plates, similar to armor suit fragments.

However, these pose quite a steep price so only Zaunites upper class can gain access to them. Players interested in the lore may find this an intriguing fact to consider, given that the new support hails from the same place that Zeri came from, but they appear to be from vastly different social classes. (Who knows if these are hints to more of the Arcane storyline as well?)

Overall, the Glasc Industries' products suggest that we can expect a champion with some augmented or replaced parts, alongside some form of shielding ability, defense-boosting move or healing spell.

Whether the champion has anything specific to do with Glasc Industries or might even be related to founder Renata Glasc herself remains to be seen. Fans will be on the lookout for more teasers to learn more about this enchanter support's abilities and how the champion could shake up League of Legends gameplay.