Kittalee, Kibble-Head Kled, Shiba Yuumi, and Woof and Lamb Kindred are the new April Fools skins in League of Legends Patch 13.7.

April Fools 2023 Skins


Adorable squeaky toy or deadly weapon? In Nidalee's claws, a Friendly Fish (TM) can be both!

Kittalee, previously named “Kitten Nidalee,” is mostly in human form wearing a full-body fluffy-looking cat costume complete with a bell collar, a cat-faced headwear, and a shiny crown atop her head. Her spear now takes the form of “Friendly Fish (TM), which is essentially a beat stick with a swordfish at the end of it. In the distance and looking a little bit oversized is Kittalee in her cougar (kitten?) form, which is similarly pink and white and the crown carrying over.

In-game, Kittalee has a playful and adorable vibe to it. One of the standout features of the skin is the blue saddle that becomes visible in cougar form that was not seen in the splash art. Her swordfish spear is easily noticeable and stands out while on top of Summoner Rift's pale green and brown. The skin's effects in human form are mostly fish-themed effects that also present itself opposite Nidalee's wild nature in canon. However, in cougar form, there isn't much room for additional effects, but the skin makes up for it with stars and rainbow VFX that completely declaws the cougar into a kitten. Kittalee is a welcome departure from Nidalee's other wild and untamed  skins.

Kibble-Head Kled

He's just a lil' guy wearing a bowl of Poro-Pup Chow as a hat, riding the bestest beagle into battle. The get-up won Kled and Skaarl a blue ribbon at Beagle's Bridge, so if ain't broke, don't fix it. Here's hoping that the more “refined” judges at this year's Summoner Sweetie's Pet Show agree.

Kibble-Head Kled is a sight to behold. He wields a colorful axe, a full doggie bowl on his head, and a pawprint eyepatch over his golden eyes. Skaarl no longer looks like a lizard and instead now looks like a Good Boy™, appearing excited in the splash art like he just saw a fire hydrant around the curb.

Kibble-Head Kled is unsettling in-game, mostly due to the fact that Skaarl usually only walks on two legs, meaning on this skin you're going to see a dog walking like a bipedal with his front paws up. Kled already doesn't have a massive library of skins, and he surely benefits from a fun-themed one and considering Kled's own weirdness, this skin's a perfect fit.

Shiba Yuumi

Something about this smol, dainty dog doesn't feel right… Wait, did it just hiss at the audience?

Shiba Yuumi shares her splash art with Kittalee, and this dog-cat amalgamation is almost as unsettling as the champion itself. She's white and yellow, her white features being cat-like and the yellow/brown half being the dog half. She also wears a collar with a dog bone on it, and her book is now incredibly colorful with cute dog-paw clasps.

Shiba Yuumi looks even more ridiculous in-game, as sometimes her cat features are completely hidden making her look like a dog on a book instead. Her skills and particle effects benefit from all three themes of this skinline – the cat, the dog, and fish. Her Q in particular looks fun to watch as the red fish grows in size and speed.

Woof and Lamb Kindred

Who said dogs and cats can't be best friends? Cat ladies and golden retriever boyfriends pitting the two against each other for centuries? Eh, forget all that! Woof and Lamb are living proof that canines and felines CAN get along… though the judges are not actually sure either of them are “alive”.

Woof and Lamb Kindred shares their splash art with Kled, following the theme of dog mounts. Lamb is wearing a purple onesie with a cat-themed, almost delicious looking bow. Her face is simply a black pit with mischievous, violet eyes within, surrounded by bright blue hair. Wolf, or Woof in this case, now also takes a more domesticated form as a tri-colored dog chasing an almost-offscreen tennis ball.

Woof and Lamb Kindred is primarily purple in-game, with the exception of Woof, who is simply a floating head who leaves rainbow trails. This theme carries over to some of their subtler effects, such as the end of the W or the trail of Lamb's arrows. Woof and Lamb Kindred's ultimate also has fun doodles of a cat and dog on it, which is a stark difference from Kindred's terrifying character. This is the most unique out of all of Kindred's skins so far, and should be a great addition to your collection especially if you enjoy this champion.

Kittalee, Woof and Lamb Kindred, Shiba Yuumi, and Kibble-Head Kled hit the Rift on League of Legends Patch 13.7.