Somehow, Riot keeps thinking that League of Legends could use more Bee skins. Did we ask for them? No. Do we like them? Maybe. Bee'Maw and Beezahar are pretty fun to use in-game, if you ignore the constant literal buzzing emanating from these skins. Now, Bee skins for Ziggs. Heimerdinger, Nunu & Willump, and Orianna were revealed.

All of these skins are available now, with Patch 12.5.


Our resident explosives expert Ziggs shares his Bees! splash art with his fellow Yordle, Heimerdinger. In the splash art, Ziggs is upside-down seemingly being ejected from an explosion happening underneath them, while holding two adorable bees in his hands. He sports hexagonal goggles to match the theme, and now has bright yellow fur, even on his two antennae.

bzzziggs and heimerstinger splash art

On his normal attacks, BZZZiggs throws a bee. Big surprise. However, when his passive Short Fuse is active and is empowering his attack, he instead yeets a beehive onto the enemy, resulting in an explosion of bees. His Q – Bouncing Bomb is instead an oversized bee, that explodes into smaller bees on impact. This is accompanied with a rather sloshy sound effect, and I'll leave you to be the judge whether it's good or bad. W – Satchel Charge is instead a honeycomb, and produces buzzes instead of the regular beeps. The E – Hexplosive Minefield for this skin looks like flowers with a bee around each one. R – Mega Inferno Bomb? Yeah, BZZZiggs throws out a huge honey pot onto the flower shaped indicator on the map and it looks exactly how you would imagine an exploding honey pot would look like.

This skin comes with 8 chromas, if you feel like the bee yellow isn't for you.


Heimerdinger matches his friend Ziggs with his own hexagonal glasses, but his is shaded honey yellow. He sports what looks like a huge bee on his head, and is riding a rather angry bee as he blasts off from an explosion. Heimer keeps his furry face, but his hairless hands is just plain weird to see.

bzzziggs and heimerstinger splash art


In-game, the face of the oversized bee that Heimerstinger wears as a hat is pretty easy to mistake for his real face. His normal attacks are composed of honey sticks, instead of wrenches. His Q – H-28G Evolution Turret is piloted by a bee, unsurprisingly. The stacks for his turrets are denoted by flowers orbiting Heimerstinger. A bee also orbits the character currently being targeted by the turret. The range of the turret is vaguely shaded with a hexagonal tile. When the turrets do an empowered attack, they shoot what looks like big solidified pieces of honey, instead of the usual “spits” of honey on regular normal attacks. When W – Hextech Micro-Rockets is cast, Heimerstinger commands a group of five bees to attack. E  – CH-2 Electron Storm Grenade is instead a pink flower that explodes into a honey-colored mess on impact. When his ultimate is used on the turret, it spawns one twice as big as Heimerstinger, piloted by a furious bee. On its empowered normal attack, a bee flies out.

Heimerstinger also has eight chromas available.

Nunu & Beelump

Nunu is adorable, wearing a yellow hoodie with fluffy antennae, and he's holding a white flower. But Beelump, dear god, what have they done. Beelump is exactly that, a huge lump of bee, pushing a huge ball of honey. Beelump pushes the ball of honey with his honey covered paws, and it also seems that he has a stinger.

nunu & beelump splash art

In-game, Nunu's Call of the Freljord passive marks enemies with a white flower above their heads. Q – Consume has little room for visual effects, the bite effect is shaded yellow – orange now, and making honey colored splashes on the enemy. For W – Biggest Snowball Ever!, Nunu & Beelump  produces a bee covered in honey, both of which gets bigger the longer the ability is channeled. As Nunu & Beelump push it around, a honey trail is left, but does not linger. Nunu throws swathes of honey instead of snowballs for E – Snowball Barrage, and the enemies are instead marked by what looks like the end of a honey dipper. When enemies are rooted, a pool of honey appears under their feet. Casting R – Absolute Zero causes Beelump to open his mouth wide, and inhales bees around him(I know.). The range of the ability can be seen on the ground as a honeycomb.

If Nunu & Beelump do not look weird enough, they are available in 8 other chromas.


Orianna is posed in a lush field, and like the other ones, the theme is yellow and brown. The first eye catching thing in Orbeeanna's splash art has to be her black sclera and blue-green irises. Aside from the brown and yellow, Orbeeanna is adorned with pink and white flower petals, and she holds out a flower for a friendly bee. Her bee ball is revealed to be a mecha of some sort, piloted by a small adorable bee inside. In the background are Heimerstinger, BZZZiggs, and Nunu & Beelump.
orbeeanna splash art

In-game, Orbeeanna's normal attacks consist of a three petaled pink flower that she uses like a shuriken. Q – Command: Attack prompts to move the yellow ball, leaving a yellow trail as it moves and is marked by an outline of a flower on the ground for visual clarity once it stops moving. W – Command: Dissonance creates a honey field on the ground, with thick drips on the edge to show players the ability range. Casting E – Command: Protect on yourself or an ally results in a honey-colored shield, and results in the “ball” orbiting the ally if cast on them. R – Command: Shockwave winds up by absorbing honey drips from the air, before resulting in a honey explosion as it pulls enemies inward. Bees linger for a short while where the ability was cast. Orbeeanna's death animation is a little grisly, with her head and some limbs detaching from her body.

Orbeeanna also comes in eight chromas, not counting the base one.

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