League of Legends: Wild Rift brought the international MOBA sensation to mobile screens. Wild Rift hardly pioneered the genre for the mobile platform but it brings about an innovative new mode. Riot Games pioneered the All-Random-All-Mid game mode that lets 10 players face off against each other on a narrow bridge. The fun of the ARAM mode lies in the mystery of the champions you get when you queue up. Now, Riot looks to test out ARAM for Wild Rift for a three-day period.


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Wild Rift Summoners get to try the Howling Abyss for a limited-time test period. The mobile version of Aram lasts around 15 minutes per round. Additionally, the game's collection of champions continuously grows. Hopefully, once ARAM officially joins the Wild Rift game modes list, there will be an endless number of characters to play.

The announcement Tweet indicates that the mobile mode of ARAM includes the enjoyable snowball mechanic. Players pelt each other with snowballs that can be used to blink towards enemies across the bridge.

ARAM introduces new challenges for players that only experienced the game with the normal mode on Summoner's Rift. Players can't purchase from the store once they leave base. Additionally, champions can't recall home to heal up before heading back into combat. Players can only get their shopping done after dying in battle. The new mechanics in ARAM makes each fight more hectic and chaotic. Subsequently, snowballs flying across the length of the bridge adds more fun to the game.

Riot Games apparently looks to bring more mechanics to the mobile version of League of Legends. Players get to enjoy ARAM on mobile for only three days but it opens up more avenues for Wild Rift. Maybe we get to see the Twisted Treeline's return on the mobile platform one day?