Mo Salah, Liverpool's star forward, expressed his devastation after his team's hopes of qualifying for the Champions League next season were shattered, reported by mirror. The final blow came when Manchester United triumphed over Chelsea, securing their own spot in the top four and leaving Liverpool trailing behind.

Salah took to social media to share his heartfelt disappointment, stating, “I'm totally devastated. There's absolutely no excuse for this. We had everything we needed to make it to next year's Champions League, and we failed. We are Liverpool, and qualifying for the competition is the bare minimum. I am sorry, but it's too soon for an uplifting or optimistic post. We let you and ourselves down.”

Liverpool had a glimmer of hope for a top-four finish prior to Manchester United's clash with Chelsea. The team embarked on a late-season surge, remaining unbeaten in their last 10 matches, winning seven and drawing three. However, their slow start to the season and inconsistent away form ultimately proved too much to overcome.

In their final game, Liverpool failed to exert enough pressure on their rivals, settling for a 1-1 draw against Aston Villa. This result meant that both Manchester United and Newcastle knew that securing just a single point from their respective remaining games would guarantee them Champions League football.

Newcastle fulfilled their part of the bargain by securing a goalless draw against Leicester on Monday. However, Manchester United went above and beyond expectations, producing an impressive performance at Old Trafford, defeating Chelsea 4-1 with two goals in each half.

With Liverpool's Champions League dreams shattered, they must now regroup and focus on their performance in other competitions. The disappointment will undoubtedly fuel their determination to bounce back and strive for success in the future. For Mo Salah and his teammates, it is a bitter pill to swallow, but their journey in the Premier League continues, and they will seek to come back stronger in the seasons to come.