In a poignant and courageous move, the New Zealand singer-songwriter Lorde has opened up about her struggles with mental health in a heartfelt letter shared with her fans and followers. The letter, which was sent through an email, provides a candid and deeply personal glimpse into the artist's journey.

Lorde, known for her introspective and evocative music, did not hold back in addressing her own mental health challenges. She wrote, “I'm living with heartbreak again. It's different but the same. I ache all the time, I forget why and then remember. I'm not trying to hide from the pain, I understand now that pain isn't something to hide from, that there's actually great beauty in moving with it. But sometimes I'm sick of being with myself. I eat chocolate to try and manipulate the endorphins, bring back the sweet happiness of Easter morning. I sit in the time machine and wait for it to move, but it hasn't been invented yet.”

Eloquent as always, Lorde is known for her heartfelt lyrics, and it appears that her letter does not fall short of that. The artist continued to share her struggles with the toll that fame and success had taken on her well-being, leading to a period of deep depression. She described the emotional turmoil she experienced, emphasizing the importance of recognizing one's limits and seeking help when needed.

Lorde's heartfelt message resonated deeply with her fans, many of whom expressed their support and admiration for her honesty and vulnerability. Her willingness to break the silence on mental health in the public eye has sparked conversations about the importance of destigmatizing mental health issues and seeking help when facing challenges.