LSU football is back on the hunt for SEC and CFP National Championship title contention. Every good run starts with a win during the NCAA's Week 1 of college football. However, Brian Kelly faces huge challenges, not just in his new schematics but also with the players who are not available during their campaign's start. John Emery, Armoni Goodwin, and Maason Smith's statuses get a huge update. Will they play against the FSU football program?

The FSU football squad is going to be a tough matchup for Brian Kelly. They are the eighth-best college football squad for a reason and it is because of their insanely deep roster. The Tigers are going to have to throw their best talents mixed with braingasm play calls to overcome their Week 1 hump.

But, bad news has struck for LSU football fans as John Emery will be out during their season start. The Tigers are not going to play Emery until Week 3, per Wade Peery of On 3. There has still been no reason given for his absence because of the Buckley amendment. He totaled six rushing touchdowns on 375 yards. His elite receiving will also be missed given that he caught 13 passes on 129 receiving yards with two touchdowns sprinkled on top.

The team will also not have Maason Smith. He will be serving his one-game suspension due to breaking the NCAA's impermissible benefits rule. Smith had just come off an ACL injury but still retains one of the best upsides in all of the SEC.

Lastly, Armoni Goodwin will not play their Week 1 matchup as well. This prompted Coach Brian Kelly to upgrade Kimo Makane'ole and Josh Williams as probable rotational players against the Seminoles. Regardless, the SEC team remains to be -2.5 favorites over the ACC powerhouse.