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Madden 22 Guides: Madden 22 Week 4 Roster Update Release Date

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To keep the game as true to the real-life version of NFL there is, EA Games will update Madden 22‘s roster every week. These updates do not just reflect changes in team lineups, but also the players’ stats based on their performance the previous week. We’re now on our fourth week, and we’re starting to get a semblance of cadence on when Madden 22 gets its weekly roster update. Let’s find out when Madden 22‘s Week 4 Roster Update will be:

Madden 22 Week 4 Roster Update Release Date

Madden 22‘s weekly roster update has been coming out with more consistency now we’re on week 4. The Week 3 update came just in time before the Thursday Night games, and we’re confident that for Week 4, we’ll be getting that before this week’s Thursday match as well. The first one we got came just in time for the season’s first pitch. The Week 2 update may just have been a special case, as it didn’t need to get a new roster update so soon after the 53-man roster update. Moving forward, EA might consistently update the rosters every mid-week.

If you’re looking to apply these changes, it’s easy to update your rosters. Simply follow our Madden 22 guide on how to update rosters in Madden 22. It’s so easy, you can do it in a matter of seconds. But be sure to be connected to the internet before doing so, as it will require a connection to EA’s servers, of course.