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Magic Johnson gets temporary restraining order against stalker who threatened him

Magic Johnson Lakers

Los Angeles Lakers legend Magic Johnson as well as his employees have been under the pestering of a man who’s been stalking the Hall of Famer. What’s worse is the stalker has been issuing his team threats and demands. And in the midst of an already-crazy year, the man has just crossed the line which has pushed Magic to get a court order to restrain him, according to TMZ Sports.

Willie Frazer, the man in question, has been bothering Johnson’s team for years now with a wild claim that Magic stole some of his documents and ultimately, his identity demanding for monetary compensation. Frazer even went as far as claiming that he was with the FBI and that he would physically harm Magic and his staff if they didn’t succumb to his demands.

Johnson and his team have tried to ignore the man’s demands over the years but, a recent incident where Frazer was able to get in close proximity of the Lakers legend finally pushed Johnson to get a court order for further protection under the law.

It’s been reported recently that Frazer was able to go past security in Johnson’s office building and made his way to Magic’s floor. Fortunately, Frazier wasn’t able to enter the actual suite of the five-time NBA champion but was close enough that he was still able to slip another one of his crazy demands under the door.

This recent incident has compelled Magic to file a TRO though a local court which now orders Frazier to be at least 100 yards away from Magic and some of his employees.