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Magic’s Jonathan Isaac invokes Donald Trump in attempt to clarify controversial anti-vax comments

Magic, Jonathan Isaac, Donald Trump

Orlando Magic rising star Jonathan Isaac was not particularly happy with what he feels was a misinterpretation of his stance on the COVID-19 vaccine in a recent Rolling Stone story. The 23-year-old came out with a strong statement against reports that he was an anti-vaxxer, and he has now doubled down on the same. This time around, Isaac thought a Donald Trump reference was in order.

In a recent statement, the Magic forward/center claimed that the fact that he has refused to get vaccinated does not automatically mean that he is an anti-vaxxer. (h/t Orlando Magic Daily):

According to his statement here, the Magic stud is adamant that he hasn’t been gulping down the Kool-Aid. Unlike many Donald Trump supporters who have been very vocal against the vaccine, Isaac’s reason for refusing to get vaccinated is because of the fact that he actually already had COVID-19:

Isaac does not want to get vaccinated. However, he is not against it. The last thing he wants is to be labelled as an anti-vaxxer, and he has made it abundantly clear that he isn’t one. He just doesn’t want the vaccine. That’s all. Makes sense, I guess.

Be that as it may, Isaac will have a lot of pressure on him for the upcoming season. He’s been battling through injuries for what feels like forever, and at this point, the Magic youngster has to step up and prove that he’s every bit of the highly promising star-calibre player the experts have been claiming him to be. Once he’s actually able to return to the court, that is.