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Orlando suspends partnership with Papa John’s

Aaron Gordon

One could only imagine the disaster Papa John’s public relations team is dealing with right now after a report by ForbesNoah Kirsch surfaced this week which mentioned the use of a racial slur by the company’s founder, John Schnatter, during a conference back in May.

In this age of political correctness and heightened social awareness, it should only come to little or no surprise at all that Papa John’s partners are keeping their distance as far away as possible from the embattled company. Among those entities who have made some moves to issue their stance on the matter is the Orlando Magic, whose own PR team has already released a statement, saying that they are suspending their partnership with the restaurant.

Orlando Magic statement on Papa John’s partnership suspension “As we said yesterday, the Orlando Magic in no way, shape or form condones the actions of Papa John’s chairman and thus after review have made the decision to suspend our partnership.”

To be clear, the Magic are not entirely cutting themselves loose from Papa John’s, as they only stated that they are holding up their association with the company.

Orlando is not the only pro sports team that are halting their partnership with Papa John’s. The Seattle Mariners and the New York Yankees have also issued the following statements via Twitter.

Even before the report from Forbes, Schnatter already had smeared his own reputation after partly blaming NFL players’ protests for a decrease sales by Papa John’s.

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