Manchester United defender Luke Shaw has updated fans on his injury and addressed those who have questioned his loyalty to the club. Shaw has been sidelined since February after suffering an injury during a match against Luton. Earlier in the season, he missed several weeks due to a muscle injury, making just 12 Premier League appearances.

Despite his injuries, Shaw has been named in England's preliminary squad for Euro 2024. However, he had to watch Manchester United's FA Cup victory from the stands at Wembley. Shaw took to Instagram to share his feelings about the season and respond to critics questioning his commitment to Manchester United.

Shaw's Injury Struggles and Response to Manchester United Critics

In his Instagram post, Shaw expressed his happiness for his teammates' FA Cup win but also shared his frustration at being unable to play. “Happy for the boys to lift the trophy at the weekend and finish this season on a positive. As much as it was the result I wanted, it was hard to watch from the stands,” Shaw wrote.

Shaw revealed that this season has been particularly challenging for him, with multiple setbacks preventing him from returning to full fitness. He explained, “This has definitely been the most frustrating season for me. I have had setback after setback and have worked so hard to get back to fitness, but things just haven’t gone my way. I pushed so hard to get back before the end of the season and the final, but some things just aren’t meant to be.”

Despite his efforts, Shaw's loyalty to Manchester United has been questioned by some fans on social media. Responding to these doubts, Shaw stated, “There’s nothing I want to do more than play and win with Manchester United. I don’t normally react to things I see on social media, but there’s a lot of people questioning my loyalty to this club and asking how I am fit for England but not United.”

Shaw clarified that he is not fully fit for either Manchester United or England at the moment. He emphasized his dedication to recovery, saying, “The reality is I am not 100 percent fit for either right now, but I am doing everything I can and constantly working to be. I have been at this club for 10 years through highs and lows, and for anyone to question my loyalty is obviously frustrating.”

Shaw acknowledged that he hasn’t provided frequent updates on his injury status but reassured fans that his main focus is supporting the team. “I appreciate I haven’t updated you all with my injuries and where I’m at with my recovery, but equally, the most important thing to me is that we’re supporting the team playing. My biggest focus right now is being fit, and then whatever happens this summer, I will be ready,” he said, thanking fans for their patience.

Shaw's emotional connection to Manchester United is evident, and he has shown his commitment through his actions and words. He has been a part of the club for a decade, experiencing both highs and lows and remains determined to contribute to the team's success.

Manchester United captain Bruno Fernandes supported Shaw by commenting, “Shawberto will be back,” on his Instagram post. This message of encouragement highlights the unity and support within the team. The camaraderie among the players is a testament to the strong bonds they have formed, which is crucial for their collective success.

As Shaw continues to recover, fans hope he will return stronger and ready to contribute to Manchester United's future successes. His dedication to the club over the past decade remains unwavering, and his focus is firmly on regaining fitness and helping his team in the coming seasons. Shaw's journey is a reminder of the resilience and perseverance required in professional sports. With the support of his teammates and fans, Shaw aims to overcome his current challenges and emerge even stronger.