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Manu Ginobili gets real about fans taking LeBron James for granted

LeBron James Manu Ginobili Lakers

Is Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James taken for granted by modern fans? San Antonio Spurs legend Manu Ginobili certainly thinks so.

Taking to Twitter, the four time NBA Champion told the world that they take LeBron for granted too much.


The bottom line is this; most NBA fans do take LeBron for granted at times. Fans compare him to legends and stars of the past too much and diminish what he has done and how he has built in the NBA. LeBron has been the poster child of the league for almost two decades, and that level of longevity is impressive.

Michael Jordan had a similar reach and longevity. But due to him coming into the league earlier, LeBron may have an even bigger impact over a longer period of time than MJ ever had.

The biggest knock everyone has against LeBron vs. MJ is his NBA Finals record. But LeBron James has clearly forged his own path. With the Lakers’ series victory over the Denver Nuggets, LeBron James has punched his ticket to a 10th NBA Finals appearance and a chance at ring number 4. James himself came up clutch and absolutely bulldozed the Denver Nuggets in the 4th quarter of Game 5 to get there.

At 35 years old, LeBron James still has the strongest claim for best player in the NBA. The fact that we can marvel at his greatness in year 17 should never be taken for granted.

As we tune into these upcoming NBA Finals games, let’s not forget to appreciate LeBron James while we still can.