The Sunday afternoon game between the Seattle Mariners and the Los Angeles Angels turned into an ugly show. After Andrew Wantz threw a dangerous ball at his teammate Julio Rodriguez' head at the first inning, Jesse Winker was hit by a pitch in the next inning. Afterwards, Winker seemingly took offense at someone in the Angels dugout, as he charged his opponents.

A bench-clearing brawl ensued, with punches and bags of sunflower seeds being thrown everywhere. Eventually, Winker, along with eight other figures, were ejected from the Mariners-Angels match. After the game, Jesse Winker apologized to the fans for giving them the middle finger. (via Shannon Dryer)

“The only thing I apologize for is flipping the fans off. They’re spending their hard earned money to see us play a game and they didn’t deserve that so I apologize to the fans, especially the women and children.”

The incident seem to have stemmed from their last match against each other. After nearly getting hit by a pitch to the head, Angels star Mike Trout called out the Mariners pitching crew. The chances of Wantz being instructed to throw at Winker and Rodriguez is not impossible. However, it does seem that Winker wasn't offended that he was thrown at, but rather at something Angels interim manager Phil Nevin said.

At the very least, though, Jesse Winker got himself a nice pizza from a Mariners fan after that brawl. He'll probably be eating more pizzas from his home, as he's likely to be suspended by the MLB for instigating a bench-clearing brawl.