Marvel's What if…? is one of Disney+'s highly-anticipated series. It reimagines noteworthy events in the MCU which creates a multiverse of infinite possibilities. However, it also serves as a farewell to a beloved actor as this will be the late Chadwick Boseman's final appearance as T'Challa.

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The late Black Panther star reprises his role in What If…?. He'll be voicing a version of T'Challa who has been taken from Wakanda.  The episode explores a reality in where the Ravager Yondu adopts T'Challa instead of Chris Pratt's Peter Quill. This leads the character to become Star-Lord instead of the Black Panther.

During a junket for the Disney+ series, IGN sat down with What If…? creator A.C. Bradley and director Bryan Andrews to talk about the show. During the conversation, Andrews reminisced about Boseman's involvement with the series and how excited he was to play a lighter version of T'Challa.

“[Boseman] may have been one of the earliest of [the] voice actors that got back to us and was just like, ‘Yeah, man.' And then we were like, ‘Really?' We were so excited. It's like, Chadwick's into this?” Andrews told IGN. “He loved the fact that he can play… a version of T'Challa that didn't have the mantle of the king, where he could be a little bit lighter, a little bit funny, crack jokes, flirt a little bit with the on-again, off-again love interest… [to] play that kind of guy, that roguish kind of captain with a heart of gold.”

“He had a blast. It was really important to him. And we also loved the fact that he got what we were trying to do, the notion of here's this universe out there, but he is who he is and he doesn't change. It's the universe changes around him… It was great. I wish we had him around still.” Andrews said.

It seems like this will be an emotional episode for fans of the actor and the MCU. So make sure you bring some tissues when you watch it.

Marvel's What if…? will be available on Disney+ on August 11, 2021.