Caitlin Clark led Iowa women's basketball to a 94-87 victory over LSU on Monday night in the NCAA Tournament. Clark was phenomenal once again, scoring 41 points and recording 12 assists. Her performance caught the attention of the entire sports world, including Dallas Mavericks star Luka Doncic.

Doncic praised Clark's performance and was then asked if she reminds him of the way he plays the game. He responded by stating Clark is the “woman Steph Curry,” via Brad Townsend of the Dallas Morning News.

“She can shoot it better than me,” Doncic added.

Curry is the best shooter of all-time. Clark has emerged as one of the best college shooters ever. Her dominance cannot be denied, and she is expected to be selected first overall in the 2024 WNBA Draft.

Luka Doncic, meanwhile, is a good three-point shooter. He's improved during his time in the NBA. Still, he remained humble and said Clark is a better shooter than himself. That is eye-opening praise coming from a player who is in the middle of the 2023-24 NBA MVP conversation.

But Clark has earned every bit of praise she has received.

Caitlin Clark's brilliance

Iowa Hawkeyes guard Caitlin Clark (22) cuts down the net after beating LSU in the Elite 8 round of the NCAA Women's Basketball Tournament between Iowa and LSU at MVP Arena, Monday, April 1, 2024 in Albany, N.Y.
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Clark is one of the best college players ever. She's continued to set no shortage of records while leading Iowa women's basketball to success.

This past season, Clark averaged 32 points per game on 46 percent field goal and 38 percent three-point shooting. She's averaged over 26 points per outing in each of her four seasons with Iowa as well.

One element of Clark's game that sometimes gets overlooked is her passing. She's continued to work as a distributor and averaged a career-high 9.0 points per outing during the 2023-24 campaign.

It is not uncommon to hear Caitlin Clark and Stephen Curry's names in the same sentence. After all, they are both excellent long-range shooters. But do Clark and Luka Doncic have similarities in their games?

Luka Doncic-Caitlin Clark similarities 

Dallas Mavericks guard Luka Doncic (77) reacts after scoring a basket during the third quarter against the Houston Rockets at Toyota Center.
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Doncic currently leads the league in points per game with a mark of 34. As aforementioned, he has continued to progress as a three-point shooter. His previous three-point percentage career-high in the NBA was 35.3 percent. So far in 2023-24, though, Luka is shooting 38 percent from deep.

Both Luka and Clark take plenty of step-back three-point attempts. It's a shot both players often rely upon. Additionally, Doncic and Clark are terrific at making plays despite dealing with frequent double-teams. Clark's emergence as a reliable passer and Luka's continued three-point shooting improvement makes the similarities in their games that much more difficult to ignore.

Of course, this is not to say that Curry and Clark don't feature similar games as well. Both have limitless range and can will their teams to a victory from well beyond the arc.

Either way, the fact is that Clark has enjoyed a tremendous college basketball career. She is hoping to end it on a high note, as Iowa looks to earn an NCAA Tournament championship.

As for Luka Doncic and Stephen Curry, their teams are set to go head-to-head on Tuesday night. The Mavericks-Warriors game is scheduled for 10 PM EST on Tuesday.