The Dallas Mavericks' 2023 offseason is going to be an important one. The Mavs will need to answer the Kyrie Irving uncertainty, something that has already drawn no shortage of headlines and rumors. However, Dallas also needs to address holes on their roster in NBA free agency. There are a number of free agents the Mavs should consider signing, but two particular free agents standout as players Dallas needs to stay away from.

Without further ado, let's take a look at two free agents the Mavs must avoid signing in 2023 NBA free agency.

Austin Reaves

Austin Reaves enjoyed a strong 2022-23 season with the Los Angeles Lakers. He played a big role in helping LA make a deep postseason run. As a result, some people around the league expect Reaves to earn a lucrative salary this offseason in free agency.

However, Reaves is a restricted free agent. Unless a team is truly willing to overpay for him, there's a good chance the Lakers will match the offer sheet. There are a number of destinations for Reaves in free agency that make sense, but Dallas simply isn't one of them.

The Mavs don't need to overpay for him. Would Reaves help Dallas in a sense? Possibly, but the Mavs have to add defensive help, especially on the perimeter. Additionally, bringing in players with strong rebounding prowess will be of the utmost importance.

If Dallas wants to target wing players, they should be looking for spot-up shooters given Luka Doncic and Kyrie Irving's playmaking abilities. Reaves can be more of an aggressive scorer and isn't the best defender by any means.

Again, Reaves is a good basketball player and would fit many teams. But Dallas should look for cheaper talent that is more affordable, especially since they want to re-sign Kyrie Irving which will be costly.

Gabe Vincent

Gabe Vincent has been a reliable player for the Miami Heat during their NBA playoff run. In fact, one could argue Miami wouldn't have made the Finals without Vincent.

If Kyrie Irving ends up leaving in NBA free agency, then the Mavs should target Vincent. If Dallas is able to keep Irving on the roster though, they should stay away from the guard.

As discussed earlier, the Mavs need to target defense and rebounding-first type players in free agency. Vincent is likely to command a fairly large contract following his superb postseason performance with Miami. Dishing out a big deal to Vincent, given Irving's uncertainty and other various roster needs, wouldn't make much sense.

Having Vincent come off the bench as a reliable ball-handler is the only defense for the Mavs signing Vincent with Irving and Luka Doncic on the team. But there will be more affordable guards available who can help lead the second unit.

In similar fashion to Reaves, it must be made clear that Vincent is a talented player and deserves to get paid somewhere. But the Mavs should look elsewhere in NBA free agency.

Mavs' offseason

The Mavs' offseason will be intriguing to follow. If they are able to fill holes on their roster, especially at the forward positions, Dallas could bounce back during the 2023-24 campaign.

Finding a way to bring Irving back and giving him a full season to play alongside Doncic is also something Dallas must find a way to accomplish. That duo is far too talented to endure another difficult season.