Dallas Mavericks forward Grant Williams has one thing to clarify about his infamous beef with Jayson Tatum's son, Deuce. As he told Emily Austin of The Hoops Chat, such beef never existed.

Or if it does, Williams is pretty sure it's only one-sided. He has nothing but love for Deuce, and obviously, their hilarious interactions are just for fun.

“Me and Deuce don't have beef. That's my guy. … It's one of those love-hate things. That's my little brother always,” Williams said while laughing.

For those who missed it, Grant Williams and Deuce went viral before after the young Tatum snubbed the then Celtics forward who was asking for a fist bump or high five. Deuce simply looked at Williams before walking away with his dad.

For his part, Williams paused a bit–seemingly processing the hilarious disrespect he got–before moving on and smiling to the camera.

It's all fun of course, but many couldn't help but question whether or not Deuce likes Williams. Or maybe he's just scared of his dad's former teammate.

Regardless of what Deuce feels about Grant Williams, however, the new Mavs forward emphasized that he'll “always be there” for the youngster. He also couldn't help but share that he'll no longer be able to see Deuce grow now that he's in Dallas.

“It's funny. He's getting older now, and starting to like, talk talk. I was with Jay [Jayson Tatum] the other day and I was like, yeah he's in kindergarten now. I told him, ‘Man, you're in kindergarten now. You're growing up. I won't be able to see you as you grow up anymore.' He's like, ‘you went to the Mavericks because I'm in kindergarten?' And I'm like, that made me sad.”

Hopefully when the Mavs visit the Celtics in the 2023-24 season, we'll be able to see Williams and Deuce continue their playful beef.