Although the narrative surrounding the Kyrie Irving-Dallas Mavericks situation seems to be that the point guard will leave the team, head coach Jason Kidd isn't ruling out a reunion.

“If I was a betting man, I guess I would say he would be back,” Kidd said. “Why would I say he wouldn't?”

The Mavs ultimately missed the postseason despite trading for Kyrie Irving. There was plenty of disappointment around the team, and Luka Doncic's future is uncertain in Dallas as well. Kidd continued discussing the situation, stating that bringing back Kyrie is the “number one priority.”

“Confident, that's too strong,” Kidd continued. “I think we hope, I think (Mark) Cuban made that clear. He's (Kyrie Irving) the number one priority, to have him come back. So I would second that.”

Mark Cuban recently stated that he thinks Kyrie Irving is “happy” in Dallas. Nothing is set in stone at the moment though.

There are a number of different scenarios for this Mavs team. It wouldn't be completely shocking to see both Kyrie Irving and Luka Doncic end up on different teams this offseason. With that being said, there's a chance both players end up remaining with the Mavs. Dallas is hopeful that Luka won't request a trade. Meanwhile, it is unclear exactly what route Irving will take.

The Mavs still have a solid team, but this past season was a forgettable one. Instead of entering a full rebuild, they would love to build a winning team around Irving and Luka.

For now, Jason Kidd is maintaining an optimistic mindset in regards to Kyrie Irving.