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Mavs star Luka Doncic not in ‘best shape’ but ready to play

Mavs, Luka Doncic

The Dallas Mavericks are one of the 22 teams set to return to NBA action in July. While the Slovenian sensation Luka Doncic had enough time to nurse his thumb injury, his trainer revealed that the Mavs guard is not in the “best shape” yet.

Jure Drasklar shared some bits about Doncic’s game shape right now, noting that like most NBA players, the 21-year-old has struggled to remain in shape. However, Drasklar is confident that the Mavs youngster will be ready by the time the 2019-20 season restarts at Disney World in Orlando.

“Most players struggled to stay in shape. Doncic is no exception,” Drasklar said, referring to Doncic and other players on the path towards NBA action resuming, per Eurohoops.net. “We understand his role in Dallas. Luka is improving every day. He puts in a lot of effort. He has completely dedicated himself to be ready.”

“He is not in the best shape, which is normal. NBA games will not be played before the end of July, so there is enough time to help him recover and get ready. However, he undoubtedly would be ready to play right now.”

Drasklar also highlighted the importance for Luka Doncic to actually get on the floor with his Mavs teammates. His current training sessions in Slovenia are great, but there’s no substitute in reliving that chemistry with his team.

“Training alone is not enough, he needs to begin practicing with his teammates,” explained Drakslar. “He can play with his group of countrymen in Slovenia, but it is not like training alongside his teammates in Dallas.”

The Mavs currently sport a 40-27 record. Will Doncic be in shape come end of July to guide Dallas into the postseason for the first time in three years?