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Mavs’ Boban Marjanovic drills step-back 3, shows off singing talents in hilarious fashion

What most separates Boban Marjanovic from other NBA giants is his awesome sense of natural touch. The 7-foot-3, 290-pound center doesn’t just use his mind-bending size to overwhelm opponents in the paint, dunking over the top of defenders from a virtual standstill. He has a nice array of post moves, too, all of which stem from his unique ability to shoot with the touch of a player far, far smaller.

That reality extends to the perimeter, too. Before last season, Marjanovic hadn’t attempted a single three-pointer over his first three NBA seasons. But with the LA Clippers and Philadelphia 76ers, Marjanovic went a combined 4-of-10 from beyond the arc, and proved his relative long-range success wasn’t an anomaly by going 12-of-25 from mid-range, too. Does that mean he’ll be splashing jumpers with regularity during his debut season with the Dallas Mavericks? Hardly.

But as his step-back three in the video below makes clear, coupled with his celebratory singing, it would be remiss to dismiss Marjanovic’s shooting range altogether.

The 30-year-old should absolutely be working on honing his jumper; he clearly has enough innate talent to make wide-open threes a part of his game. But working on step-backs? That’s a bit counterintuitive considering the only time Marjanovic would have the green light to launch is when a defender is nowhere near him. He’d be best served dedicating all of his preparation to catch-and-shoot threes, mostly from the top of the key.

It’s unknown what type of role Marjanovic will play with the Mavericks. But given his ever-improving jumper, expect to see him on the floor with Kristaps Porzingis in a mega-sized frontline at least on fleeting occasion.